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2009 Yearly Totals

December 25th, 2009 at 09:00 am

Last Years GRAND TOTAL Income 2009: $50,880
My regular base pay: $37,800
My summer beach job: $ 2,535
Money from husband: $10,545

Yearly Household Living Expenses 2009:

*Mortgage: $9,087.33
*Electric: $1,044.76
*Consumers Gas: $2,169.50
*TV, Internet, Landline and two cell phones: $2,419.86
*Sewer Bill: $203.00
*6 months Garbage Pickup: $83.08
*Homeowners Insurance: $722.00
*Property Taxes: $1,316.02
**TOTAL: $17,045.55

2001 Jeep Vehicle:

*Vehicle Insurance: $1,130.52 (full coverage with towing)
*Vehicle Reg. and Tabs: $141.00
*Gas: $1,903.94
*Auto Care: $1,009.88
**TOTAL: $4,185.34

What Debt is still owed: (4 Credit Cards)

*Chase: $4,111.94 (15.53%)

*Discover: $4,292.50 (0%) - Both Chase and Discover will be paid off this year. I will be applying all of my income tax return to these debts.

*Micro Center: $1,750.34 (23.90%)- Son's loan: This will be paid off in the next month or two. I was going to pay if off for my son's Christmas, but instead it will be his birthday gift.

*Art Van: $1,489.99 (0% for 50 months - this is is like layaway, except I already have my goods)

**TOTAL CC DEBT: $11,644.77

(Note: I did pay off $15,705.96 in CC debt in 2009)

*Mortgage: $111,796.65 (goal to pay off in 10 years or less)

Yearly Total Expenses Paid in 2009:
*Groceries: $5,985.71 (includes all food, household and water softener salt)
Breakdown: $4,723.49 (food)
-----------$ 992.03 (household)
-----------$ 270.19 (water soft. salt)
*Eating Out: $2,016.95
*Vacations: $1,213.99 (3 mini vacations)
*Fun Stuff: $483.53 (in my pages area)
*Clothing: $975.00 (this included a new suit for my husband, and clothing for me, my daughter and youngest son)
*Christmas: $1,325.87 (I used coupons and saved $316.92)
*Other gifts and Birthdays: $792.63
*Medical Costs: $971.27
**TOTAL: $13,764.95
(What is not in here - haircuts, going to the movies, picture frames, probate court filings, buying a new home phone. I will put these in categories next year)

This past year, I did some more renovations to my home. Added a new deck, new wood floor in livingroom, re-painted the whole house, put cedar shake siding on part of the house, revamped some gardens, totaling $1,521.33

GRAND TOTAL SPENT FOR 2009: $50,701.80

2 Responses to “2009 Yearly Totals”

  1. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    Wow, nice job on paying down the credit card debt!

  2. Jerry Says:

    Hey, I like the insurance costs for a 2001 vehicle a lot more than for a new one, as long as it is reliable and gets you to where you need to be. All in all, I agree that paying off that CC debt has to lead to some major satisfaction! Way to go, and good record-keeping.

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