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Year End Totals for 2010

December 28th, 2010 at 05:50 am

*My regular base pay: $18,900.00
*My summer beach job: $ 2,885.51
*Money from husband: $12,355.00
*Passive Income: $843.23 (This is what I made from doing surveys, rebates, bank incentives, sales on ebay and craigslist)
*Sold Jeep: $3,000.00


*Mortgage: $10,719.00
*Electric: $1,277.59
*Consumers Gas: $1,639.23
*Cell Phones: $1,170.23
*TV, Internet, Landline: $1,375.92
*Sewer Bill: $209.46
*Homeowners Insurance: $722.00
*Property Taxes: $1,163.83
**TOTAL: $18,277.26

*Groceries: $6,746.64 (includes all food, household and water softener salt)
Breakdown: $5,511.31 (food)
-----------$ 987.15 (household)
-----------$ 248.18 (water soft. salt)
*Eating Out: $1,679.40 (this includes what I hand to my youngest DS)
*House Maintenance: $398.36
*Vacations: $721.42 (American Idol)
*DD Grad Open House: $962.76
*Youngest DS Homecoming: $122.52
*Clothing: $554.00
*Christmas: $1,872.53
*Birthdays: $336.00
*Memberships: $169.00 (Country Club, State Parks, Sams/Costco)
*Medical Costs: $1,517.00
*Homeschooling: $591.87
*Miscellaneous: $446.56 (computer ink, bike grips, scooter tires, duvet comforter, ps3 games, movies, haircuts, football squares, bowling, etc.)
**TOTAL: $16,118.06


*Vehicle Insurance: $509.40 (Jeep)
*Vehicle Reg. and Tabs: $116.00 (Jeep)
*Gas: $1,703.74 (Jeep)
*Gas: $375.70 (Neon)
*Auto Care: $535.44 (Jeep)
**TOTAL: $3,240.28

GRAND TOTAL SPENT FOR 2010: $37,635.60

DEBT: (Credit Cards)

*Chase Visa: $982.04
*Freedom Visa: $2,186.12
*Chase Wamu: $3,664.48
*Discover: $4,795.23
*Art Van: $1,120.00
*Dr. Bill: $400.00

**TOTAL CC DEBT: $13,147.87 (Didn't get much debt paid off, in fact, I added to it)

**MORTGAGE: $106,521.08 (Paid off $5,275.57 on principal in 2010)

2 Responses to “Year End Totals for 2010”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    Wow. Are you super organized or what? Do you use software to keep track of all these totals? I'd love to know what I spend in a year, but wouldn't even know where to start keeping track.

  2. campfrugal Says:

    I don't use a software, but do it all by hand.

    I keep envelopes labeled: January - December for all of my groceries and eating out receipts; vehicle costs; clothing; homeschooling; house renovations/gardens; Christmas; birthdays; Vacations; etc.; all in a shoe box. Keeping all the receipts comes in handy when something needs to be returned or I find a rebate.

    I have a small filing cabinet where I keep folders for paid bills/debts, taxes, bank accounts, a personal file for me, and each one of my kids (to put their bank statements, report cards, SS cards, etc.) in.

    I also keep a journal where I write down each month on a page and then list all regular bills, debts and automated savings amounts that need to be paid that month. Plus I keep columns on the same page for groceries and eating out to write down those amounts for each month.

    I will take pics and get them posted in the new year.

    It actually would probably be easier if I used a software, but I like the hands on approach.

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