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A Look Ahead and Planning

March 2nd, 2011 at 05:47 am

It seems I have had extra expenses for 2011 already, that weren't planned for.

Youngest Son's Elbow Infection: $110.00
Two Birthdays for babies: $20.00
Gave my oldest Son money: $25.00
Fix Brakes on Car: $80.00
Computer Skills Class: $279.00

Still need to get done:
Pay for Book for Class: $75.00
USB Flash Drive for Class: ?
Oil Change and new Alternator Belt: ?

My house list:

Re-do one of my bathrooms. I have $35.00 in home depot cards I got from mypoints.com, the paint for both the walls and ceiling and I am reusing the curtains I already have, so shouldn't be too costly, just timely.

Go through china cabinet, pack items I never use for garage sale, replace china cabinet with a repainted buffet cabinet. Change out light fixture. Cost will be in buffet cabinet and light fixture. Consigning the china cabinet with a local shop, so hoping the money from that will cover the expenses.

Add to my edible landscaping this year. Going to do some Espalier Apple and Pear trees, and I want to add blueberry bushes. Plus, build an outdoor cob oven for bread and pizzas and a couple cold frames for winter gardening. The trees and bushes will cost a little money, but looking for free bricks and windows on craigslit to cut cost for oven and cold frames.

Magnets for water pipes. New grill insert. Need to replace two ignitors for my stove. Have ductwork blown out in the fall. Finish gutters around house and re-gravel the driveway.


We have four wedding this year. One of them we might be able to get out of because it is a destination wedding, but if we decide to take a vacation, might tie the two of them in together. One of them is also for my BFF's daughter. They live in California, but are coming home to Michigan for a really big wedding. I am really gonna need to go through my closet and see what I can wear and check around at some resale and consignment shops for fill-ins. And, they are all at different times of the year - June, August, September and October.

Two baby showers and a graduation open house. Not to mention all the regular family birthdays.

Other than that, pretty much have stuck to my spending plan so I can get out of debt before the world ends in December of 2012.

My prediction: Lots of "I survived the end of the world" festivals coming in 2013. I am gonna have my own festival if I become debt free by 2013. Yeah.

3 Responses to “A Look Ahead and Planning”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    How dressy do you want to go? I still have the dress Analise gave me -- I've been looking for a good home for it. It's floor length with a jacket, sort of an orchid shade -- would do well for June-Oct. Size 14 and a very beautiful dress!

  2. CampFrugal Says:

    OMGosh, that is one of the nicest jestures ever. Unfortunately, I wear a size 8. All the weddings are of a different dressiness. One outside, two are in little chapels and one very formal at a golf course, so I will have to figure something out. Thanks again for the offer. It was much appreciated.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    Too bad! But lucky you that you wear a size 8! Smile

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