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Times are Very Busy

March 25th, 2011 at 05:44 am

A lot going on around here at the Camp.

Still sharing a car with my daughter, but it is working out, just keeps us on top of really good scheduling.

The class that I am taking is going real well. I am really enjoying myself. I am taking the class with four other mothers all my age, so it has been a lot of fun. Hoping to find a part-time year-round job sometime in the fall.

Also, trying to get the Club cleaned up, getting rentals scheduled, getting the guards hours scheduled, now just waiting for opening day Memorial weekend.

I have four weddings, bridal showers and three baby showers, that I really need to get out to the thrift stores and resale shops to find some new clothes. I have lots of shoes, just need a couple mix and match outfits/dresses and maybe a purse or two.

My youngest son needed to go to the dentist, which I was able to pay cash for. I am trying to schedule his cleaning and a couple more fillings towards the end of the months, so that I can pay cash for the services, instead of using a credit card. I usually get all my regular bills and my debt paid within the first two weeks of the month, leaving the last two weeks to use for savings and these kind of things.

I have some more house renovations to do. Basically my family bathroom needs a do-over, but I have the paint and a $35 Home Depot card to go towards that project. Plus, I am adding some more edible landscaping this year. I am really hoping to get a lot more canning, freezing and preserving done for the winter months this fall. The weather just needs to break - any day now, I can feel it.

1 Responses to “Times are Very Busy”

  1. snafu Says:

    Great going in sticking with your spending plan.
    Elsewhere you mentioned your concerns with microwave heated foods. Hope it's ok to mention that nearly every restaurant uses a microwave somewhere in their process of getting food from kitchen to your plate. Most people aren't aware of all the processed, prepackaged foods used in restaurants to reduce product costs, staffing, waste, and operational costs.

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