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Time to Pay the Bills Again and Life

March 31st, 2011 at 05:45 am

But, I can't wait. I love watching my debt area get lower.

But, this month, instead of putting my $600 into my freedom account, I am just going to use it to pay my homeowner's insurance. It just doesn't make sense to put it in savings only to transfer it back out to the checking account to cover that bill.

Haven't had a chance to go resale shopping for dresses for any of the weddings we have this year. But, hoping to get out sometime in April and May. I really need to go through my closet and drawers, try items on and make a list of needs first. So, maybe this weekend I will do that.

I have been going through some china cabinets, closets and drawers and have a pile of items to be moved to their next location - Salvation Army, Resale shop, Recycle bin, list some on craigslist, a nephew is taking a tv., a friend is taking some vinyl tableclothes and unused napkins from my daughters open house graduation last year to use for her little girls 4th birthday party, etc., etc. My foyer is full. Just needed to purge some items and get re-simplified. Now to get it out of my house.

Youngest son has a dentist appt. today, but I am paying cash. Pretty excited about that; and the weather is breaking, so I can start up my walking program again, now that Zumba has finished. Off to the shower, lots to do today.

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