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Expenses Keep Going Up - whats going on

April 28th, 2011 at 05:34 am

My regular expenses have been coming in for the month of May. I am on the budget plan, where I pay the same amount every month to avoid high bills in the winter, on my electric and gas bills. Well my electric bill just got here and it is in its settlement month, so it has re-adjusted. It went up $32 a month, which just seems high to me. I looked to see if my usuage went up, but it has been down, so it must be the price of electricity that has gone up.

Then I got my insurances (homeowner's and vehicle) and it has gone up. I haven't pulled out my statement from a year ago to see how much, but I am wondering if this is due to all of the devestation with earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, tornadoes, etc. I am probably gonna have to call around. I have excellent credit and have not had any accidents, tickets, claims, etc. to check on prices with other insurance companies.

Also, my combined cable/internet/phone bill went up $5/monthly, which is an extra $60/year. I, personally, could do without all of this, but I do have two children left at home, one in 11th grade and one in college, that utilize all of the above. I probably could actually ditch the land-line, but that is like a comfort zone to me. I am sure I will eventually break away from the landline in order to keep my budget in check.

Just waiting now on the gas bill to come in. I am sure it is close to its adjustment month, because I started it around the same time as the electric. How much will it go up. Afterall, oil is at an alltime high.

It seems that when I find an area to cut back on, the other expenses keep going up. It is so frustrating that I have to rely on electricity, gas usuage and a vehicle. I have already sold my Jeep and I am sharing a car with my daughter to cut down on costs for both of us. It is very hard to become more self-sufficient when the areas you cut back on get hit even harder. Let alone, having my children even think about moving out on their own someday.


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