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Great to have a stash so you don't become gift poor.

May 18th, 2011 at 06:52 am

My stash closet came in handy over the weekend for one of the bridal showers I needed to attend. It ended up this future bride registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond and I just so happened to have what she was looking for...a couple ceramic storage containers and a beautiful frame and found a matching gift bag in my bag stash.

I keep all my gift bags from years past from mother's day, birthdays, etc., so there was no cost out of my pocket. I keep two under the bed containers...one for general bags and paper and one for Christmas bags, paper and ribbon items.

While I was in the stash closet, I was looking through my items and found that I would have what one of the other brides was looking for in her upcoming bridal shower, so I pulled those items out and found another gift bag to match.

We always give money for the weddings and graduations, so I am feeling lucky that I have the items already for the bridal showers. We can become gift and insurance poor if we don't plan ahead.

Now, I have been organizing all of my coupons and really sticking to a coupon plan to build my food and essential household stash. I don't buy items I would never use, so I have been giving those coupons to family and friends. I really need to cut back on my grocery and household bill. I have been averaging about $500 per month, but want to get that amount down considerably, so I am loving this challenge.

1 Responses to “Great to have a stash so you don't become gift poor.”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Very true! If we lived in a slightly bigger place I would start to sock away possible gifts. I always thought that was a good idea.

    For a recent kid's first birthday, we "shopped" through our baby's room. Found some super-cute stuff that she either hasn't played with yet or has doubles of. She'll never miss them. Voila: free b-day gift!

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