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Reducing the Bills & Saving Money

September 14th, 2011 at 06:54 am

Yesterday I had a chance to go over some of my bills to see if I could get them reduced.

Phone/Internet/Cable Bill: I am currently paying $159.00month. The representative told me that that was an excellent deal for what I was getting. He says my contract is running out the end of October, so to call a day or two before that time to see what can be done for me then.

Cell Phones. I have been going over my texting usage lately (I have a 200 text plan for $5.00) and it has been costing me more, cause I keep going over that limit. The representative was able to find me a new plan, and now I'm saving about $50/$60/month and I have a credit of almost $80.00.

I was asked by my neighbor to watch their little ones for an hour and 45/minutes in the morning every so often, which is only been 7 times this month. They pay me $20/each time.It is a different amount of time each month. He is a night-time emergency nurse and she a teacher, and there is a gap of time of when she leaves and he comes home that someone needs to be there. I am saving all of that money to see how much I end up with once the school season is over (next June). I figured I could probably save around $1800, give or take.

2 Responses to “Reducing the Bills & Saving Money”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    Nice little bits and pieces of cash!

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