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Now that the Dust has Settled

October 24th, 2011 at 08:38 am

My checking account is now back to functioning. But, during the hacking and down time, I drew $1000 of my cash in my savings and left the minimum so not to get any fees. I will be using this checking and savings to the bare bones until I figure out a change.

The $1000 cash I took out of the bank had to cover some emergencies while my bank account was down. This was pretty much all of my emergency fund. Now to rebuild. Below is where it went. Funny how the emergencies know right when to hit. This is the breakdown.

$400 to cover the rest of the month's bills and groceries.

$400 to pay for a new fuel pump for the neon. The neon's fuel pump went out during the time of my bank account being hacked.

$60 for towing, which was re-imbursed.

$25 into a wedding card along with a gift for the bridal shower that I was unable to attend a month ago, because I was working. Got that delivered.

$40 into another wedding card attended over the weekend.

$60.00 for my 40 lbs. of Zaycon chicken purchase which I pick up Wednesday evening. Thursday is my chicken prep day. I'm actually thinking about ordering another one. Then I should be all set through the winter for chicken.

On my to do list for the week.

*Prep chicken - I have my plan hanging on my fridge. I will post a seperate entry for my chicken prep day.

*Work on bagging more leaves and taking them to the compost pile.

*Paint bathroom until I can save money to re-do the drywall next spring.

*Make crockpot apple butter and get it canned.

*Possibly can strawberry jam, this week or next.

*Re-do my budget plan and get posted.

On a good note.

*The neon is running. Thank goodness it didn't break down on my daughter at midnight on her way home from work, but instead broke down on me 1/2 block from my home.

*$3.00 to my passive income total from Pincone.

*We got through the disaster of no checking and survived.

My debt is below $13,000.00. Yeah.

1 Responses to “Now that the Dust has Settled”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Less debt? Always a good thing.

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