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2007 End of Year Totals and Goals

January 4th, 2008 at 04:58 am

So I totalled up all of my categories.

My electric and natural gas usage/bills went down from a year ago. That is good news considering that prices have went up.

Groceries for the 2007 year totalled $5,316.41. I am working on bringing that down. I don't think that is bad considering it is for two adults, two always-eating teenagers and two cats. That does include all household items, including water softener salt, laundry supplies, etc.

Eating Out totalled $1,864.94 for the year.

My gas usage in my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee was $2,301.52 for 2007

I spent $1,408.00 on Christmas 2007

I got a raise of $66.00 per month, which I have added to my ING direct deposit, starting January 2008.

Homeschooling costs were around $1200 for the school year. We do a lot of museums and field trips which causes our eating out bill to be higher. My kids also take private classes in Algebra, Science, Literature and Music, plus buying books, equipment and musical instrument maintenance added to the cost. I also put one son (now 22) through 3 years of college.

Big purchases for 2007 were new livingroom furniture, a small chest freezer ($75.00) and a 1/4 cow (which is to help in my grocery budget)

The 1/4 cow cost me $285 (including processing) and gave me 49 packages of beef (steaks (Porterhouse, T-bone, Sirloin, Chuck-eye, Rib and cubed), roasts, ground beef and stew meat). We only eat beef about 3 times a week, so this should last about 4 months. I am now looking into purchasing organic poultry to add to our meat stock.

Started my $20.00 challenge with a settlement check of $750.00 and looking forward to more rebates and ways to add to this challenge.


*To save more in my ING account

*Rebuild my "Freedom Account" to add additional categories from $200/month to $400/month starting March 2008

*Not make any stupid financial mistakes in 2008

*Pay off 5 to 6 debts this year, so that I can be totally debt free (except mortgage) in two years. Starting debt for 2008 is $22,696.29.

*No new debt

*Finish foyer, outside siding on cottage and new deck.

Happy New Year 2008