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2008 Year End Totals

December 28th, 2008 at 06:33 am

Okay, here it goes with the yearly totals.

Debt is at: $16,179.08. Big Changes coming in this area for 2009. I need to be mostly debt free by the end of the year, due to my regular income being cut in half.

Gasoline Usage: $2,772.58, averaging $53.31/week or $231.04/month.

Christmas Total: $1,533.86. I spent $1,293.63 on my husband and my 3 children and $240.24 on extended family. I am going to work on this category. Saving all of mypoints.com and winster.com points for gift cards and finding items throughout the year at flea markets, antique shops, garage sales, etc. We have decided to go on a vacation for Christmas next year, so our portion will be in finding a good deal on hotel, amusement park admissions, gas, etc.

Birthdays: My family birthdays totaled around $350.00 (Three kids and one husband). Extended family and friends birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, etc. totaled around $250.00. Need to work this area also. So far for next year, we have a wedding reception, three graduations, a baby shower that I need to buy mint/nut cups for 100 people and birthdays.

Groceries: $6,245.38. This includes everything from food, toiletries, water softener salt, lightbulbs, laundry soap, bird seed, batteries, anything that runs a home. I should try to seperate the categories to see just how much is spent on food and how much is spent on household. But, I think that amount is way too much. Especially when I see one woman feeding a family of 4 on $800/year. I definately will use more coupons and try to cut this area and do two categories - Food and Household.

Eating Out: $1,666.99. I need to do the envelope system with this area. Decide how much to use for eating out, put it in an envelope and when it is gone, no eating out. Maybe $50.00/month.

Water Softener Salt: $260/year. This is actually included in the groceries total. We have well water with lots of iron, so I use the Red Out, which is more expensive. I am going to try to see if I can mix two bags Red Out with two bags Regular and get the same results at a lower cost.

Vehicle and Homeowner's Insurance: $2,090.15. Vehicle Plates/Reg. $125.20. No fudging here.

Homeschooling Costs: $1,561.11 (includes private instruction in algebra, some sciences like physics and chemistry, languages, piano, baseball, bmxing, snowboarding, museum memberships, magazine subscriptions, curriculum, field trips, etc. for two teenagers).

Clothing Expense: $553.50. Me and two teenagers. My 17 yo daughter insists on buying her own clothes, even though I slip a few garments in here and there. Mainly, the cost is on my 14yo boy, who won't stop growing, especially in shoes. But, I don't think this amount is excessive.

Haircuts: $130.00. Me and two teenagers. I color my own hair and use coupons for the haircuts. The hair coloring is actually included in the grocery amount.

Country Club Membership (where I work) $130.00.

Well, that is pretty much it. All regular bills like Mortgage and living expenses have been paid and are never behind, plus regularly adding to my Freedom Account and ING Account.

Happy Frugal and Debt Free 2009 to Everyone.