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Apology and closing credit cards

September 23rd, 2011 at 05:07 am

Seems I haven't had too much time to blog or read anyone's blogs here, and I do apologize. I really do love SA and feel like you are all friends and I am truly interested in what is happening in all your lives.

As for mine, well it was out of control busy and I needed to get a rein on it, which I am currently doing.

I am still plugging away at my debt, without incurring any more while building my savings at the same time. My goal, which I have stated many times in the past, is to be debt free (other than my mortgage) within the next couple years, but realistically, my snowball, which I am paying just over the minimums on each debt, while putting any extra towards the Discover, says I will be debt free in 4.5 years, and that is okay also. Although, I know it will be sooner, because of adding the little extras to the Discover and I use my income tax return to help each year.

I have also been calling and closing some of my credit cards that have just been lingering around, like a Lowe's credit card and Micro Center. I have 4 different visa cards, two of them with balances. I am wondering if I should close the two visa credit cards I do not use. One is the first visa I opened and one is a more recent card from Amazon.

I know that my credit score will take a hit, but probably only for a short period of time. I just think it looks crazy to have so many open accounts, even though they aren't being used, with that much available credit. Any opinions?

Reducing the Bills & Saving Money

September 14th, 2011 at 06:54 am

Yesterday I had a chance to go over some of my bills to see if I could get them reduced.

Phone/Internet/Cable Bill: I am currently paying $159.00month. The representative told me that that was an excellent deal for what I was getting. He says my contract is running out the end of October, so to call a day or two before that time to see what can be done for me then.

Cell Phones. I have been going over my texting usage lately (I have a 200 text plan for $5.00) and it has been costing me more, cause I keep going over that limit. The representative was able to find me a new plan, and now I'm saving about $50/$60/month and I have a credit of almost $80.00.

I was asked by my neighbor to watch their little ones for an hour and 45/minutes in the morning every so often, which is only been 7 times this month. They pay me $20/each time.It is a different amount of time each month. He is a night-time emergency nurse and she a teacher, and there is a gap of time of when she leaves and he comes home that someone needs to be there. I am saving all of that money to see how much I end up with once the school season is over (next June). I figured I could probably save around $1800, give or take.

Money Making Opportunities, Debt and Such

September 12th, 2011 at 05:17 am

Wow, where did the summer go. My summer beach job has come to an end. I ended up making $3,379.46. Not a bad little chunk of change for 15 weeks.

Once Labor Day weekend was done, I went right into another schedule with sharing a car with my kids and their school and work schedules. My youngest just got his driver's license, so there is three of us using one car, but it is working out real well.

Started doing some harvesting and putting some fruit and veggies up in the freezer and pantry. My MIL put in a very large garden and has had an abundance of everything. It has been a great savings for us not to spend money on vegetables at the grocery store.

I have also been fall cleaning and trying to catch up after a busy summer. Did a quick trip to a pawn shop with some useless gold and made $145, plus had a two day garage sale with my SIL and made another $160 on items like clothing, a PS2 and some small trinkets. So, a total of $305 for a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and it really wasn't that much work at all.

We are going to do another garage sale in October and do it with a fall/winter theme and try to get rid of some items that are geared towards Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We both have vintage and collectible items, so we are also thinking about revamping vintage vases into centerpieces and upcycling some of our really old vintage furniture and jewelry to set up at some craft shows between now and Christmas. Our stuff was selling so well at our first garage sale, that it has got us inspired.

Once 2011 is over and the New Year gets here, I will re-assess my goals and also plan a baby shower for my first grand-baby. We will find out just before Thanksgiving what we are having.

I took another look at my debt and gave it a more realistic payoff goal. I re-did my snowball with just the minimum, plus a few dollars to make it a rounded number up on each debt. (If it was $66.00, then I pay $70.00). It is easier for me to pay a permanent rounded number instead of a decreasing sliding scale interest number. So, I am using $360.00 a month to pay off my debt, not $505. So, my snowball debt payoff is at 55 months or 4 1/2 years, which is a more realistic goal. My intentions are to put any extra monies (like income tax returns) towards my debt to get it paid off earlier.