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March Goals 2012 and February Recap

February 23rd, 2012 at 05:19 am

FEBRUARY RECAP: This month has been very stressful, but when I think about, I have been very stressed since November.

*Keep planning a menu. Cook more from scratch and find more local resources. Continuously doing.

*Get invites for baby shower, address them and get them in the mail before February 3rd. DONE

*Bake Valentine Cookies and enjoy with my family. Didn't do, I figured we had too many goodies in the house already.

*Bake something for Niece's going away party. Didn't need to do.

*Bake all the muffins for the baby shower and get them in the freezer. Pumpkin Raisin, Blueberry, Banana Nut and Zucchini Apple Walnut. DONE and GONE.

*Get cake ordered, menu set and have Baby Shower. DONE and it was absolutely beautiful.

*Add more money to my Savings account. Didn't get accomplished yet, but 5 days left in this month. There was also too much cash money going to other areas like the baby shower and property taxes.

*Start spring cleaning and decluttering for yard sale and donations. Ongoing. Did get done my bedroom, my pictures are organized in one area, my closet and my son's closet.

*Do Income taxes. DONE and it has already been deposited.

*Made a plan to lower my stress level. Continuously working on.


*Keep planning a menu. Cook more from scratch and find more local resources.

*Keep working on lowering my stress level and bringing more joy into my life.

*Take pics of the items I have cleaned out and get them listed on craigslist, ebay, sorted for a yard sale or donate.

*Welcome my new grand-daughter into the world.

*Start getting really creative on debt reduction.

Not too many goals for March, I am trying to lower my stress level.

Federal Poverty Guidelines

February 15th, 2012 at 05:16 am

This is the federal poverty guideline. If we just go on my regular income of $19,572, I am definitely under the poverty level for a family of 4.


But, I do supplement my income by babysitting, cleaning houses and working a summer job.

And, yet I feel very blessed with everything I have accomplished.

Pretty Disappointed, but Implamenting a Plan

February 2nd, 2012 at 06:40 am

Did my taxes yesterday and after paying my husband's social security and self-employment tax, plus my youngest turning 17, which means I don't get the extra $1000 child tax credit, I am only getting $773 back.

I guess it is better than paying, but I needed to pay off some debt. Two bills in particular, my Care Credit card and winter property taxes are due.

So, here is the breakdown.

*$246.03 will go to winter property taxes; and
*$527 will go to Care Credit. Here is the breakdown of my care credit card.

-$987.00 is due by 4/27/2012. If not paid by then the accrued interest will kick in. Leaving $460 to pay off in 3 month. I will need to add an additional $153 each month to meet that goal. I do have the money in my EF account, so I can actually meet this goal.

-$537.00 is due by 5/28/2012, but my regular montly payment will bring this down a little more, so I will see where I stand the beginning of May when I pay this bill. I may just transfer the money from my EF to finish paying off this balance, if I don't have it tackled by then.

-The remaining balance after that on the Care Credit card is not due until November before the interest kicks in, but I will pay on it monthly to get it paid off before then.

I also want to kick the Art Van and Amazon Visa out of here, so I can focus on the remaining three, Discover Wamu and Freedom.

There is my plan. I am pretty excited about it, cause I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of this debt. By Memorial Day, when I start my summer beach job, I should only be dealing with the remaining three credit card debts, and that is a good feeling.

I am also going through my home and selling off many items, which will also help me meet my goals above.

I will keep you updated on my progress.