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The Neon, Book Review, Gardening, Harvesting.

March 1st, 2012 at 05:14 am

A couple weeks ago, the neon got ran into in the front end while it was parked at the mall. It loosened the bumper and put a crack in the front of the hood. Later that week, we had to replace the alternator and the radiator, costing me $115.00. My husband did all the work fixing it. My daughter and I split the costs of the neon. It is actually her car that she is letting me use.

I also received and finished the book I ordered "The Feast Nearby". I loved it. For a Michigan girl, it brought back many memories for me and it kind of depicts how I live my life, somewhat. With the local food buying, raising my own food, foraging, cooking recipes, harvesting to set myself up for the coming cold months. This would be the type of book I would probably write and I just might, but I would add more elements and pictures.

Speaking of harvesting. Almost everything I put up last fall is now gone out of the freezer and off my canning shelves. I will have to make adjustments to freeze and can more items. On the list is also to add more plants, shrubs and trees to my yard that are perennial edibles.

*I would like to espalier an apple tree or two.
*Add some blueberry bushes.
*Add more strawberry plants. The strawberries I have a problem with because the critters (chipmunks, rabbits, bunnies, etc.) like to eat them, so I need to get them up off the ground, and spray with a safe organic soapy type something to deter them from eating my fruit.
*Going to build some trellises in a couple different areas for hanging my cucumbers, watermelons and pumpkins.

Here is my raspberry patch, which supplies me with lots of raspberries. It is not quite at the level of providing me with enough to make jam yet, although, I might be able to if my family wouldn't eat them all. They are soooo good fresh off the stalk. I think I will try to keep some to add to a batch of strawberry jam.

And here is a picture of the new peach tree I planted early last spring. It actually gave me some peaches. Looking forward to seeing what it will do this year. It is a semi-dwarf Hale Haven Peach.

I am very excited about getting started with my gardening this year. I have lots of awesome ideas.

2 Responses to “The Neon, Book Review, Gardening, Harvesting.”

  1. snafu Says:

    Too bad the car was damaged in the parking lot. You're very fortunate DH was able to do the repair. The cost of having it fixed at the body shop would be staggering.

    My neighbors are very successful in getting a good harvest for strawberry plants in those hanging, upside down planters that are typically advertised for growing grape or cherry tomatoes. I notice they are sold at deep discount at Dollar Stores.

    Having assisted getting the initial 3 strawberry plants into ea. planter, I know it's a pretty tricky operation as the earth holding plant roots comes tumbling out during the hang-up process. It helps to 1st re-pant in peat pots and let it dry out somewhat. After successfully installing, add water retaining pellets, then water well

    Wish you luck in becoming self sufficient, it's an interesting goal.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    I got that book from my library when you first mentioned it. I really enjoyed it, especially about the processing of her food. The way she boiled down the tomatoes overnight in the crockpot to make sauce and paste, particularly struck me as good ideas. I've made sauce on the stove and it took forever, so I like the idea of no fuss sauce. Also liked her idea of processing a few hours every week intstead of all at once. Some very good ideas in there.

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