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Getting my Business of the Ground

November 14th, 2011 at 05:58 am

I have been toying with the idea of doing certain crafts throughout the year to bring in extra income. I need to have another form of income in place by January 2013.

So I thought I would put myself out there and make a few items to see how it went. Well, it went better than I could have ever expected, so I am thinking that I found my niche. I really didn't want to go back into an office enviornment, so I am going to give this a shot for a year and see what happens. So far, I cannot keep up with the demand. I have orders pending, but now it is too far into the season to get grapevines that are not too brittle. I will start sooner next year on this project.

These are some of the grapevine trees and wreaths I made, and all have been spoken and paid for.

I have sat down and made an outline as to the direction I want to take my craft business. I came up with a name "Bunny Run Cottage Treasures" and it will included handmade crafts throughout the year. Some will be seasonal and in limited quantities. I am also in the process of putting together a cookbook, which will be called "Bunny Run Cottage Recipes" and will include breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas, savings strategies, holiday entertaining ideas and lots of great pics.

Along with the crafts, I am becoming a part of the "Sisters on the Fly Club" sistersonthefly.com and will be getting my sister number soon.

I recently found my diamond in the rough, a Vintage 1968 Aloha travel trailer, but my husband seems to think it needs too much work, but my 17 year old wants to help me restore it. I have restored a vintage travel trailer in the past and it wasn't that hard, and the price was definately right, so I think my husband might loose this battle, unless he finds me something different soon and within my budget.

I can definately do something great with this travel trailer and be able to travel and make and sell my crafts out of it, similar to this:


What big fun my future holds, but a lot of work, but it is exciting work that has made me feel like I have a purpose again.

My Coupon Binder - just getting started

October 13th, 2011 at 05:35 am

So, I have been organizing my office/home life to make better use of my time and money. Some posts back I posted a pic of my new office area.

Today, I am gonna show pics of my Coupon Binder.

This pic above shows the inside cover of my binder where I store my coupons for the different types of shopping, like bed, bath and beyond, not just grocery.

This pic shows coupons for Meijer.

This pic shows coupons for Kroger. I also have two other sections. One for Walgreens and Walmart and one for CVS and Rite Aid.

I do shop at five other stores, but they are only for specific items, like ACO for bottled water and coffee, the Dollar store, K-mart for water softener salt, Sheenas at certain times of the year and Costco for parties. If these areas become larger, I will add a section for them.

This pic is a section in the back of my binder where I have information of projects around the house to get done and coupons for those in page protectors to the left and to the right are outfits that I like that I try to put together when I am shopping at thrift stores.

Through the middle of my binder are all the coupons that are not store specific, but manufacturers coupons in ten different categories that are stored in baseball protector sheets.

Also, in the back of my binder I have a page for coupon lingo and my menu planner pages.

I ordered some specific coupons off of ebay yesterday and I am pretty excited to get started on my extreme couponing for normal people.