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New Spending and Get out of Debt Plan

The ever-changing Spending/Debt Plan due to economic struggles.

Regular Bills:
*Mortgage - I round up on my mortgage, so this helps with the payoff
*Consumers Gas
*Edision Electric
*Cell Phones (2 - me and my 15 yo DS)
*Landline, TV Cable and Internet
*Water Softener Salt
*Homeowner's and Vehicle Insurance

Total: $1657.00

Debt: (which is listed on my sidbar). I am going to snowball $355/month. That puts my debt payoff in 49 months, with a goal of having paid by December 2012 - 21 months) Any extra income from garage sales, ebay, craigslist, income taxes, rebates, passive income will be allocated to this area.

Total: $505.00 towards Debt

Freedom Account Savings:
*Property Taxes
*Car Repair Fund
*House Repair Fund
*Health/Dental Fund
*Sewer Bill
*My Kids Birthdays

Total: $400.00/monthly.

TOTAL OF ABOVE: $2,562.000 (spending plan)

My Income: $1,575 monthly
Husbands Income: $1,200 monthly

TOTAL INCOME: $2,775.00

Total Income: $2,775.00
Minus Spending: $2,562.00

Leaves $213.00 - Groceries, gas, household, entertainment, etc.

I will try to live as close to this plan as possible for the next couple years, which in turn, will leave me with very little debt, my mortgage paid down, and money in my savings account to pay the bigger ticket items like property taxes and Christmas. Then I can focus on retirement savings.